Realise the full benefits of contributions in your editorial workflow.

ConteXTual is an end-to-end internal and freelance contributor workflow solution for publishing teams of all sizes.  Cloud-based and designed from the ground up by experts within the Publishing industry, it brings clarity, control and efficiency to your contributions process. 


Many publishers experience real benefits by supplementing their in-house editorial teams with external contributors. One of the challenges is the management of these resources becomes ever more critical.


Imagine how the streamlining your processes, from initial commissioning all the way through to payment, could let you realise those benefits quickly and visibly.


ConteXTual is the first solution of it's kind to enable you to manage this full life-cycle of a contribution. Interested? Let us show you how. 

Prefer a quick overview?

Let our video show you how ConteXTual can help.


Your business needs to attract the best contributors to ensure your editorial quality. With ConteXTual, you have access to an easy to use, collaborative solution that will ensure your working relationships, internal and external, are not just maintained but improved. 

360 VIEW

Say 'goodbye' to those spreadsheets. Centralise all of your valuable contributions-related information into your ConteXTual system to give full 360 degree visibility of your contributors and their contributions.


Eliminate double keying errors and save both Editorial and Finance teams time by having a single point of entry for all contribution financial details. 

Integrate with THE market leaders

Ease submissions by using our secure self-service portal to allow contributors to submit their copy. This can then be approved via ConteXTual and sent, ready for use, into the WoodWing Studio Content Management System.


Have access to live and accurate reports directly from the ConteXTual application. Ensures budgets are adhered to and enables you to provide accurate forecasts.


Manage your contributions via the web from the office, at home or even on the move. ConteXTual is entirely cloud based, so there are no desktop installations and version numbers to worry about. Great for small teams and Enterprises alike.


Automate common tasks, such as email confirmations, directly from ConteXTual. Save your users time and ensure accurate, timely communication, with your contributors. 


Save your team time by sending confirmations directly from ConteXTual. As the contributor is always fully aware their brief, including their terms and conditions, you can reduce errors and queries to help get the job right, first time, every time.