Find your assets quickly and easily.

A full range of images from unique editorial photographs, a banner for an advertising campaign or the latest celebrity shots, must be available and usable on any channel. 

Elvis Digital Asset Management (DAM), provides the perfect  solution, enabling companies to concentrate on using their Digital Assets to the full with an easy to use system.

Powerful Search Engine


Server-side, Elvis DAM is powered by the most advanced search technology: Elasticsearch, the technology used by many of the worlds high-volume organisations. In combination with its super-fast processing engine, Elvis can quickly scale up when your digital asset requires it.  Special attention has been paid to minimize IT efforts for installation, deployment and system administration.


The Best User Interface on the Market


Celebrated by our customers and industry specialists, Elvis offers a unique user experience for managing assets. We recognise the need for an intuitive solution and appropriate workflows can be implemented using the Elvis use profile capability. The result is a natural, intuitive and logical interface that allows the user to concentrate on the content rather than the underlying technology. 


Use Elvis as your Archive


Do not think of Elvis as ‘just’ a DAM in the traditional sense. It can be linked very tightly to other systems you may use for print and web for example. Automated processes can be put in place to transfer post-production materials into the data repository and API’s used to make it easy to find and re-use such content back in the publishing systems. 


API with Open Source HTML5 Samples


Do you want your own branded video portal, mobile collection viewer or a live search screen in the newsroom? Syndicate your content? Through the Elvis API you can profit from the best media search engine out there.  On top of that, Elvis includes open source HTML5 and Adobe AIR samples to easily create, customize and extend your media sites. 

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