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“Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.” – Ann Handley

Information is king.

Successful salespeople are knowledgeable, efficient and work within a defined sales cycle. Historically the Booking System, the Contact Management System, Finance, Production were separate applications, managed by the IT department.


Adtakr ensures that information is recorded against bookings, customers and contacts, providing your salespeople with a comprehensive insight to their advertiser.


Full engagement history, coupled with quick easily accessed overviews, give salespeople a full view of your customer's dealings with your company.


client records

Full Customer Searching


Options to search on a partial name, phone number, street and postcode. A single search field minimizes the search time and accurately provides users with an exhaustive list of potential customers.

Customer Creation


Access rights determine who can create Prospects or Full Account customers. The system comprehensively handles prospects, agencies, individuals, companies and subscribers.


Duplicate Customer Checks


Reduce the risk of creating duplicate customers by automatically checking on existing phone number, name and postcodes within the system – including prospects.


Client Relationships


A full list of your customers and their related agents, with clickable options providing an immediate summary of the relationship. Creating new relationships is a quick one-click option. Adtakr also enables users to relate clients to other relationships e.g. local offices, editorial agents. 


Integration with Map technology


The map shows the location of the customer for easier directions and adds to local knowledge.


Preferential Service Indicators


Helps reduce the risk of your salespeople making unwanted calls and alienating potential customers.





Financial Information


Full visibility on the customer's credit limit, agency commission, and discount types. If you have the appropriate access right, you can also amend the fields within this screen.




Account and Credit Card payment options for full payment flexibility simplifying the payment process for your advertisers and users.


Flexible Invoicing


Default bill to functionality allows the invoice to be sent to a different address if required, reducing the risk of the invoice being sent incorrectly.




Each client can have a currency assigned ensuring the system can handle payments from who ever you do business with. 


to do list



Customisable reminders and recurring tasks - with attachments - reduce the need to re-input regular calls and meetings. Tasks can be attached to an opportunity, client and contact at the point of creation.


Then record the outcome of a task, which helps identify training needs and improve future sales conversions.




Appointments appear on their own calendar. Users can add a recurrence, saving time creating repetitive appointments.




An extremely quick way to record interactions with a customer without entering superfluous data.


Fully searchable history of customer contacts – find details of a conversation quickly. All audited for reporting purposes. 


To Do Lists


Users are able to view all their actions required for the day – or selected date filter. Managers can view any member of their team and reassign tasks if required.



Task History


History for each client or salespersons interactions is recorded on their record card. Fully exportable to excel. 





The GDPR opt-in status can be updated from the contact record card and is shown in a prominent position on the screen, providing your sales team with the information they need before they make a call. 


Multiple Contacts


Each customer can have multiple contacts with full contact address and business information stored against them. You have a full history of all contacts at your fingertips enabling an informed sales pitch to take place.




A full list of the products the selected contact deal with is shown, allowing the sales team to target their pitch accurately.


Social Network Links


Contacts FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + pages can be specified on their record card, which means a rich data source for the sales team is one click away. 



Sales dashboard


The ‘Call to Action’ reports are quickly becoming a salesperson’s must have. A quick list of specific actions is all available for the salespeople and within seconds they can send the customer a tailored email.

Information available to a salesperson includes:

  • Copy and payment to chase

  • Package rebooks

  • Membership expiry


Send to Task or Opportunity


Results from the dashboard quick reference reports can be added to tasks and opportunities giving users the ability to create opportunity lists from their clients in a couple of seconds.



All clients with an email address, appearing in the lists on the dashboard can be emailed. When multiple contacts are selected, they are all sent the same email - with their addresses in the BCC field - ensuring privacy is protected.


Exporting and Printing


Full or partial lists can be exported to Excel or PDF and printed directly from the dashboard. This gives the sales team access to data they would previously have to run full reports for. 




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