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Reach your audience in the most efficient and cost effective way.

If you are a magazine, a newspaper, an Agency or a corporation you publish content and need to provide your audience an engaging experience. This might be for B2B, B2C or internal Sales team for example, but the requirement remains the same. With Twixl Publisher you get all that's needed, including rich and interactive content plus easy to build and use Apps. 

Your business may be producing newspapers, magazines, books, brochures or marketing materials and increasingly your audiences will expect this to be available on tablet and phone. 


Ideally. you’ll want to manage these new channels with your current staff, skills and infrastructure.


Twixl Publisher is simply the best way to achieve this.

Content can be created in InDesign, in HTML and your App can be Issue or Article based.

We take great pride in being partnered with Twixl  and can offer the full range of services including consultancy, licences, training, customisations, getting you up and running and on-going support. With the addition of Inception to the product range, we are even better placed to meet all of your digital publishing needs. 

Content Station Aurora - Creating Responsive Content

Do you need to produce rich, immersive content for multiple digital channels and devices?


Do you want to  quickly repurpose content without being an expert in  HTML5?

WoodWing Inception makes your work easy.

Seamlessly integrate internal and external collaborators  in your workflow.

Easy one-time template creation and as  Cloud based no on-premise hardware or software  required.

A great way of feeding your Apps!

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