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Now is the time to optimise your Planning and Output.

Media Planner and MSPaginator are used in almost all major newspapers in the UK and enable Publishers to achieve a high degree of automation and need fewer staff dedicated to the Production process.


Fully integrated with both advertising and editorial solutions MediaPlanner handles High volume Classified, High value Display Ad Planning and Editorial content page planning.

Media planner

Summary of Media Planner

  • Flexible planning for Display, Classified and Magazine adverts

  • Integrated Display and Classified plans

  • Template define advertising sites to reduce manual intervention

  • Parameter driven configuration for site specific requirements

  • Automatic planning based on publishers defined rules

  • Manual using drag and drop technology can override automation

  • Plan multiple regional zones in same plan

  • Track advertising images to preview pages on screen

  • Integrated with Planning and Final Output using MediaPlanner and MSPaginator

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