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Built-in Sales Pipeline

Easy to use, with configurable stages and drag-and-drop, this is a sales pipeline your team will want to use. Offering insight into the value and reasons for winning and losing an opportunity and providing business intelligence as to the strengths of your company and training needs.


    Salespeople can quickly move customers through the stages of the pipeline by dragging the opportunity from one stage to another.
    Every publisher is different, MSL will not confine you to using specific stages. We can advise you of the most effective pipeline stages for your workflow. The stages you use are configurable and easy to maintain in our administration module.
    When an opportunity is closed, Adtakr will not allow a save unless the salesperson selects a reason for the Win or the Loss. The system does not just encourage reporting on why an opportunity was lost - but also, why was it a success. Gathering all this information will help managers develop sales techniques to improve conversion rates.
    When an opportunity has hundreds or thousands of leads, the task needs to be split between different sales people, likewise if a salesperson has over 10 clients in their pipeline for a single opportunity - their pipeline can look very intimidating! Sub Opportunities resolve these issues. Salespeople see the clients assigned to an opportunity when it is selected - within its own pipeline. The main pipeline only shows the master opportunities. This makes the user experience so much more accessible.
    Use your database to generate leads - All clients who deal with New Cars in North England..... the results are attached to an opportunity and a salesperson. This is directly from Adtakr, with no need to contact marketing or IT for the lead lists.
    See at a glance the opportunities that need more work. The graphs come as standard.
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