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“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

Adtakr uses a single order for processing an unlimited variety of advertisements.

From print to web ads, each Adtkr module uses the same layout and principles of booking, reducing training time for your users to a minimum. The simplified screens ensure your users can only select options if and when they are available, reducing the chances of booking errors and increasing your level of customer satisfaction. 

All our booking modules are designed to reflect the items being booked, so there is no need to select an adtype if you are creating an exhibition booking. 

The solution is incredibly flexible and can integrate with other market leaders such as SalesForce, DFP and MailChimp.

MSL have worked with users throughout the design process, to ensure that your sales teams enjoy using the solution, and most importantly, that Adtakr helps them achieve the advertising sales potential.



Designed for Newspapers and Magazines


Magazine centric calendar allows you to select specific date per magazine edition.

Special Edition functionality enables you to book irregular publication dates from the calendar.


Your system can automatically schedule the next available publication date according to your defined deadlines.

Your company's specific non-publishing dates can be added to the calendar, preventing you from booking to a publication that would normally publish on Christmas Day, for example.

Multiple Publications


Each ad booking can have a variety of publications with a mixture of ad sizes and properties – enabling full campaign booking in one form.

Multiple Ad Types      


Each publication can have a different set of Ad Types assigned ensuring maximum flexibility - link Classified teaser ads to ROP display on a single booking. 

Text Bookings


The practical text input screen gives you a WYSIWYG view of the advert which can be sent to the advertiser for proofing, reducing the risk of errors and also providing an upsell opportunity.

Multiple Classifications


Each print advert can appear under various classifications within the publication all from one booking - maximizing the advertiser's exposure while minimizing your time spent booking.

Special Positions and Named Pages


Flexible configuration allows each publication to have their own set of Named Pages and associated Special Positions enhancing booking and planning workflows.

Module Sizes


Drop down lists offers you a quick input option for booking regular ad sizes.

Material Copy per Insertion


The outstanding flexibility of the system is only reinforced by the ability to assign different materials per insertion. This allows full campaign booking on a single advert – each insertion having a different piece of ad copy. This also has a direct impact on your advertiser who can receive one invoice for their whole campaign, instead of per advert.


Price Override


Users can enter a negotiated rate for the booking. Reports can offer managers full transparency of discounts given against rate card.


Overview Screen


A comprehensive review screen allows you to check the booking details or to give a summary to the advertiser. The screen lists all relevant information including publications, date, size, classifications and price.


Repeat Advertisements


Bookings can be repeated without you re-entering any consistent data, not only does this improve the booking time, the production process is also handled more efficiently.


Advertisement Cancellation


Cancelling a booking is quick and reportable. Reasons can be entered allowing you to have full explanations as to lost revenue.



 Multiple Items on an Order  


Each order can consist of multiple items: Print, Web, Exhibition etc This enables your sales team to input cross campaign bookings on a single order. Your clients can receive a single invoice for their full campaign. 


Order Currency

The currency of the order will default in from your client, howeverthis can be overridden at the orderlevel. 


Package Bookings


Select a package and let Adtakr complete the rest for you! This is the ultimate booking option. Packages can have multiple print, web and multi-form bookings assigned. Booking pre-defined multi media packages will save your teams time and will increase booking accuracy. 


Email Confirmations


Automatically generated when you save your booking. Emails contain the full ad booking details with no re-keying required. Integrating confirmations into your workflow will dramatically reduce the need for customer queries.



Order Confirmations, artwork etc can be attached to an order. The document can then be available to other users to access if required. No more linking emails to orders - just link the document straight away.



Configurable Websites 


Your website is unique to you. The system will not constrain your design and offers every website the flexibility to have configurable pages and booking type.



Rates will be applied based on the duration or number of impressions. Integration with the DFP module can provide you with the real-time data to accurately charge the advertiser. 


Manual Pricing


The unit price of the web advert can be overridden providing you have the appropriate access rights. This can be reported upon giving managers full transparency.



Integration with Google™ DFP


Targeting the right audience at the right time is crucial for web advertisers. It is for this reason that we chose to integrate with the leading ad-server Google™ DFP – providing for behavioural, contextual and geographical targeting, to name a few. Their continual product development will always ensure that you are using the cutting edge of web serving technology.





Adtakr has the functionality to specify Geographical, Behavioural and Time of Day targets. This information is entered in Adtakr and sent to your AdServer. 


Multi form bookings

The industrial revolutions saw the advent of the print press. This revolutionised mass distribution, and is arguably the most significant advancement made by the print industry.

Until the dawn of the internet.


This changed the publishing industry dynamic beyond recognition. Newspaper articles are now available online and advertising revenue for local and national advertising has reduced.

Publishers have had to adapt - and fast. Diversification has been the key to success for many.


Software applications that were designed for print advertising had to quickly cater for new channels. Each technological advancement was a further investment for the publisher. Invariably the investment was circumvented by implementing ad-hoc working practices. Unsustainable workflows hindered many new ventures, to the point where their operational success was impacted.


Media Systems Ltd has developed our software solution to enable publishers to book bespoke, even experimental channels, alongside standard requirements of Events, Inserts, Print and Online.


The Multi Form Booking Module offers versatility to companies allowing you to respond immediately to opportunities without upgrading software. The module allows items to be selected from a tree view, to have a specific price, a start and end date. Multi Form Booking can be used as a permanent booking method for a publishing channel, or as a stepping stone for a fully customised booking module.


Media Systems Ltd have developed various ad-hoc booking modules, interfacing with a variety of 3rd party applications and databases over the years. Our team can develop modules according to your specifications, or work with you to develop a module – advising you of the best practises in screen design and data entry.

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