Simple Order Processing

From print to web ads, Adtkr uses the same layout and principles of booking. The simplified yet powerful screens ensure your team can only select appropriate options, reducing the chances of booking errors and increasing customer satisfaction. 

MSL have worked with users throughout the design process, to ensure that Adtakr helps your achieve their advertising sales potential.




Multi form bookings

Media Systems Ltd has developed our software solution to enable publishers to book bespoke, even experimental channels, alongside standard requirements of Events, Inserts, Print and Online.


The Multi Form Booking Module offers versatility to companies allowing you to respond immediately to opportunities without upgrading software. The module allows items to be selected from a tree view, to have a specific price, a start and end date. Multi Form Booking can be used as a permanent booking method for a publishing channel, or as a stepping stone for a fully customised booking module.


Media Systems Ltd have developed various ad-hoc booking modules, interfacing with a variety of 3rd party applications and databases over the years. Our team can develop modules according to your specifications, or work with you to develop a module – advising you of the best practises in screen design and data entry.

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