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“Every trackable interaction creates a data-point, and every data-point tells a piece of the customer’s story.” – Paul Roetzer

Your data is your asset; make sure it works for you.

Reports allow you to use the information on your database from all sectors of your business, identifying trends and offering visibility of a total customer spend across your company. 


The data collected about your customers, prospects and their industries will empower your salespeople and enable them to capitalise on business opportunities. Media Systems Ltd provides standard reports and offers report writing and consultation as a service.

To ensure the value of your data can be used we have integrated the ability to export all lists to email, excel and pdf. The data isn't just viewed by the salesperson it is used by them to contact targeted customers. 


Salespeople no longer need to ask IT or Marketing for a list of leads - they have the data at their fingertips.



How can teams work efficiently without the use of real time data?

Your salespeople will have access to real time data so they have confidence that their sales pitch is accurate. This is possible without any additional administration, which is sure to please your sales teams. 


They will be able to accurately inform customers that:

  • The next available Front Page in The Daily Publication is in 2 weeks time

  • The Website has had an average of 30,000 impressions each month


(Note: some analytics are dependent on the information received from other 3rd party systems).


Whole Client View


All clients, contacts, prospects, subscribers, agencies, etc can be stored on your single database. This enables cross product views of the clients, offering the sales and management teams, a full insight into each clients interactions with your business and highlights sales opportunities.


Bespoke Reports


Our support team can provide bespoke reports to match your individual business needs and working process.  Using our unparalleled publishing experience we can also suggest reports that could help improve your business further.


Standard Reports


Standard reports are provided to ensure that you have the essential information to hand immediately.


Export Facility


Export the results of your report to a CSV file to enable further manipulation or to change the data view.


Ease of Reporting


The structure of the system, using selectable configurable lists, gives ultimate reporting ability. All actions are date and time stamped against the user for simple auditing.


Data Retention


The information held within your database is your information. Virtually every field can be reported on. We do not hold your data and encourage you to use it to maximise your sales. 


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