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“In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.” – Stan Rapp, MRM Partners Worldwide

With a shift in the marketplace, publishers need more control over their client's data.


With a single client view to establishing total client spend across the business, Adtakr allows publishers to process their subscriptions on the same system as their advertising. 


Our publishing experience has ensured that the subscription module meets the highest standards of functionality and design that you would expect from an established market leader. We will work with publishers to ensure their subscribers get customer service that is second to none. 


Direct Debit and Continuous Renewal


Direct Debit payments managed by a BACS Approved integration.  Subscriptions selected for ‘continuous renewal’ will be re-booked automatically and the relevant DD schedule resent.


Flexible Subscriptions


Your client's subscriptions can start and end on a given date, or alternatively, run for a set number of issues. Adtakr gives you the flexibility on a client by client basis to help you maximise the sale.


Forward liability information


Users can view the forward liability of each subscription directly from the client's record card. The information can also be used in reports if required.


Multiple currencies


Adtakr can send any currency to your accounting system, ensuring that you can invoice your subscribers wherever they may be. 


Vat Rates 


VAT Rates are configurable by Country and Adtakr also ensures charities are exempt. 


Mailing Lists


Subscribers to a Gardening Magazine may be good prospects for a Home Magazine. Also, clients who advertise New Cars For Sale could be a lead for your Motoring Magazine subscription. Having a database of subscribers and advertisers is a powerful tool for your salespeople to have. 




Subscribers and advertising contacts can only be approached for sales calls if they have Opted In under GDPR legislation. Adtakr displays the Opt-In status of a contact on their record card, so the user knows if they can contact them. 


Security question and answer


Subscribers can have a security question and answer stored on their record card for added security.


Digital and Print Subscriptions


Subscriptions are no longer just for print magazines. Our solution enables you to book print, digital and mixed subscriptions. Don't forget - Adtakr also takes bookings for Sponsorship, Exhibition, Print Bookings, Web advertising and more. So if your subscriber wants to advertise with you too.... all this can be done on one order.


Single Client View Reporting


Subscribers can also be advertisers, and with Adtakr they are all on one database. Your management team can see how much a client spends with you - across all departments. 


Expiring Subscriptions


Salespeople can easily identify when they need to call a subscriber regarding an expiring subscription from Adtakr. They can create a task to remind them to call or send the subscriber an email - directly from Adtakr. 


Subscriptions from your Website 


Of course, continuous renewals are the optimum subscriptions, having subscribers enter their details is another factor in reducing fulfilment costs. If you have a website, we can integrate with it and update Adtakr bookings with little or no involvement from your sales team - who can concentrate on selling rather than administration. 


Website Development


 Don't have a website? Media Systems Ltd can design, develop, maintain and host a website for you. Please speak to us about how we can help.



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