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The publishing industry is changing rapidly and our solution allows publishers to maximise sales opportunities through all available revenue streams, from print to digital, exhibitions, subscriptions and many more.


Our Multi-channel publishing, DAM and Digital tools offer Publishers highly efficient ways of reaching their audience. Using workflows, automations and leading technology, resource costs can be minimised and content can be harnessed to ensure the best possible return.


Streamlining your processes starting from commissioning all the way through to payment can provide substantial benefits, including visibility and accountability. ConTextual is the first system to manage this full life-cycle of a contribution.


Media Planner and MSPaginator are used in almost all major newspapers in the UK and enable Publishers to achieve a high degree of automation and need fewer staff dedicated to the Production process.


The MSL team have a rich background of working within the publishing industry both on the supplier and customer side.  Available to all sectors of the publishing industry, our consultancy services offer many different skills to ensure a successful outcome to your project.


We are here with you every step of the way. 

From the installation of your new solution, to helping with day to day questions. 

Our team of technical consultants are here during office hours, and if required we offer full 24/7/365 support. 

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